Toni Polkowski 16. September 2010 Design

External Design Inspiration – The Impressive Works by Russ Mills

Let me introduce the amazing artist Russ Mills from Kingsbridge, United Kingdom. His work dwells in a netherworld between urban fine art and contemporary graphics, a collision of real and digital media. It is primarily illustration based with a firm foundation in drawing. He focus mainly on the human form particularly the face, interweaving elements from the animal kingdom often reflecting the absurdity of human nature. Please take a look at his website, where you can found more of his comprehensive work.

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  1. Ricardo Ortega Avalo 18. September 2010 at 00:56

    Great job, they’re awesome :O

    My Facebook, friend ;)

  2. dnn7 16. September 2010 at 18:58

    Absolutely amazing. The best post at Cromoart ever.