Toni Polkowski 22. September 2010 Film

External Film Inspiration No. 21

External Film Inspiration“ is a serial of short films, trailers and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. We would like to inspire you give ideas and suggestions. If you are interested in showing your films, please send us an E-Mail including „Embed Code“ and we will show your work here.

Rat’s Nest from gnaji on Vimeo.

Final Project at Vancouver Film School.
motion design :: Ghassan Naji
music :: Thom Yorke: A Rat’s Nest
adviser :: James Filbry

The slang term “rat’s nest” is used to describe a particularly messy or disordered environment, referencing the habits of many species of rat … our minds are burdened with all the turmoils of life, with all the social and economic pressures and we have lost our ability to be creative … Is there a creation out of a mind that has freed itself from the known?

“If the mind is extraordinarily clear without a shadow of conflict, then it is really in a state of creation; it needs no expression, no fulfillment, no publicity and such nonsense.” -JK

TEDxAmsterdam 2010 trailer from TEDxAmsterdam on Vimeo.

Earlier this year, we asked Amsterdam-based creative production studio +1 to help us create the trailer for this year’s TEDxAmsterdam event.

We wanted to play with the notion of light as the western symbol ‘an idea’, and together we created a story which is about building, refining and unleashing your ideas. It is all set, of course, against the beautiful backdrop of the city of Amsterdam.

The climax takes place at this year’s venue, the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg.

Amsterdam and The Netherlands are synonymous with light; many of the famous 17th century Dutch painters (Rembrandt for instance, and later Vermeer in the 19th century) remarked on the ethereal quality of light in the Netherlands, and indeed it was this fact that brought many other painters to the country throughout the period.

Ideas are, of course, a central part of TEDxAmsterdam, as is the city itself, and Amsterdam has many ‘light-related’ destinations – including on the bikes for which the city is also known, and which play a central role in our story.

This year’s TEDxAmsterdam will be held in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. On the 30th November 2010, this grand city theater will provide a stage for the new ideas of bold thinkers and innovators in the fields of technology, entertainment, design, art, science and business. The common theme of the presentations will be “Science and Fiction”.

Agency: +1 (
Direction: Martijn Hogenkamp
Assistant director: Cas Prins
Production: Marcel Vrieswijk, Cas Prins, Geert Jansen
D.O.P.: Ype Poortinga, Cas Prins
Cast: Cas, Geert, Marcel, Marjolein, Ype, Senayt, Sara
3D: Tim van der Wiel
Sound design: Kloaq
Special thanks: Schram Studios & Cam-Unit

Showreel 2010 from Hypoly on Vimeo.

Selected works 2010

The Metro from Andrew Winchell on Vimeo.

I decided to take the metro into downtown DC, figured I would get some footage while riding & this is what i came up with.

Shot on Canon 7D

artefact_album teaser_n°02/04 from Firman Machda on Vimeo.

Teaser for Nebulo new album Artefact ….

Dir/Cg by

KERNEL-LWX from leonardoworx on Vimeo.


digital inputs incoming from a user that is trying to modify the true world, a conspiracy, to modify, destroying and recreate a new world.


Creative Company Conference 2010 from Nick Lievendag on Vimeo.

Promo for the Creative Company Conference 2010. 14 September 2010 in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Speakers include Adrian Hon (Six to Start), Oliver King (Engine), Scott Belsky (Behance), Ross Zietz (Threadless) and many more.

More information:

Concept & Motion Design: Nick Lievendag |
Sound Design: Edwin Rietmeijer |
Client: Rudolf van Wezel |

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