Toni Polkowski 27. Oktober 2010 Photography

External Photo Inspiration – The Fantastic Works by Mindcage

Let me introduce the german artist Bjørn Pretzel a.k.a. Mindcage. He started his photography back in 2007 with the impulse to show motifs from a extraordinary perspective and to procure a special atmosphere. He is fascinated by places of decomposition which are often forgotten by the inattentive viewer. Focusing lines and forms modern architecture is a favored theme for his works, too. Furthermore, Bjørn Pretzel and Sven Fennema published a photographic album titled “Anderswelten”. Both want to show forgotten places with the interplay of lights and shadows telling the story behind.

More Information:

The Person

Bjørn Pretzel a.k.a. Mindcage


“in abandoned places, the shadow of the soul desintegrates from within, towards desolation, becoming the void of nothingness”
preview here

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  2. valeria 28. Oktober 2010 at 17:47

    great work

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    Very impressive!

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    thanks for sharing..