Toni Polkowski 8. Dezember 2010 Film

External Film Inspiration No. 30

“External Film Inspiration“ is a serial of short films, trailers and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. We would like to inspire you give ideas and suggestions. This time with films by Nuno de Matox, Felix Urbauer, CHRIS + ALEXANDRE, Kendy, johnflattopfilms, Rom▲n Ruetten and GOLEM.

If you are interested in showing your films, please send us a link to the film and we will show your work here.

Graffiti Paris street art Awards Artaq from Nuno de Matox on Vimeo.

Artaq Awards in Paris, espace beaurepaire, street art awards.
artistes: Macay, Le Cyclop, Nuno de Matox, Mambo, Deft, Pawzant, Flow…
exposition nomade en novembre au Stattbad à Berlin
Galerie22 Bruxelles
Galerie Confluence Lyon

artyflux TV by

(Canon 550D)

FRAMED-Andi Wittmann Rider profile from Felix Urbauer on Vimeo.

here we are.
this is basically a pilot-project,something that andi wittmann thought about for a while,and then came over to ask me if im interested.
we`ve both been pretty busy over the summer,but we managed to squeeze in a few days,to see how this could turn out.
so we filmed a little riderprofile,showing andi doing what he feels like doing,and thats pretty much it.
i hope you like it the way we do,as this might be just the start of sth new in 2011,but…we´ll see.
for now…hello winter!

song radical face-welcome home
for a download worth its money go to

Surviving The Future / CBC from CHRIS + ALEXANDRE on Vimeo.

Client: CBC
Production Company: Frantic Films / CBC
Post Production + VFX: Tendril Design+Animation Inc.
Directed and Written by: Marc DeGuerre
Producer: Carolyn Jacob
Design Direction: Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
Music & Sound Design: Rose Bolton
Director of Photography: D. Gregor Hagey
3D Artists: Chris Bahry, Vini Nascimento, Gabriel Rocha, Alexandre Torres
2D Animation: Leo Mateus, Gabriel Rocha
Compositors: Chris Bahry, Leo Mateus, Gabriel Rocha

*See IMDb listing for complete film credits

Caught by the Past from Kendy on Vimeo.

This video is about the fact that nobody can change its true nature.
With Salomé Lagresle

Music & Sounds Design by Obny/Olivier Boni

Shot/edit/colorgrade/VFX by Kendy

Taken with a Canon 550D/Tamron 17-50mm f2.8

Summer Dies Into Autumn from johnflattopfilms on Vimeo.

Shot in downtown Evansville in a historic part of town with an original brick road with Victorian style homes surrounded the street which brews a beautiful scene.


Clint Mansell-Black Swan Soundtrack-”Lose Yourself”

Montage 2011 preview from Rom▲n Ruetten on Vimeo.

A rough cut of my upcoming 2011 showreel for internal persentation. intro inspired by the umeric.

GOLEM Teaser from GOLEM on Vimeo.

HD FULLSCREEN and earphones recommended.

Teaser for animated short GOLEM, based on the short story GOLEM XIV by Stanislaw Lem.


Film by Patrick Mccue, Tobias Wiesner

Voice – Cyrena Dunbar

Music – Cliff Martinez

Sound Design – Gavin Little/

Title Design – Melanie Lukhaup/ luftmasche

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  1. AlexG 9. Dezember 2010 at 22:26

    This one is really good
    Its going better imho