Toni Polkowski 26. April 2011 Photography

External Photo Inspiration – Kai Bernstein And His Beautiful Pictures

Kai Bernstein is 21 years old and comes from Germany. He started with photography in january 2010. From then on it’s his biggest hobby and he doesn’t know what he would do without it! Ever since he see the world with different eyes. When he doesn’t have his dslr by his side, he just think of how the real world would look with his wide-angle lens or what he could get out of a place.

In the first time he just shot landscapes and landscapes.. but now he tries to get into the portrait & fashion photography. It’s really interesting for him working with people infront of the camera and execute an idea of an image. There is so much to experience in photography and he already knows that he will never stop taking pictures.

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  1. dnn 27. April 2011 at 05:43

    Really great pictures – nice perspectives and landscapes. Good post Cromoart!