Toni Polkowski 20. Februar 2012 Film

External Film Inspiration No. 80

“External Film Inspiration“ is a serial of short films, trailers, motion graphics and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. We would like to inspire you give ideas and suggestions. This time with films by Sebastian Onufszak, motiphe, The Animation Workshop, Camille Marotte, Smoke & Mirrors and David Amichai.

If you are interested in showing your films, please send us a link to the film and maybe it will be a part of the next “film inspiration”.

Auto Trophy Opener 2011 from Sebastian Onufszak on Vimeo.

Auto Trophy Opener 2011 (Director's Cut)

Production: Lux von Morgen
Design & Direction: Sebastian Onufszak
3D: Matthias Lein
Compositing: Benjamin Stephan
Sound Design: Supreme Music

Software: Cinema 4D, VRay, After Effects

sub – Crossing Europe Trailer 2012 from motiphe on Vimeo.

Official Trailer for the Crossing Europe film festival 2012
(24. – 29. April 2012)

Rafael Mayrhofer
Remo Rauscher

sound design:
Irad Lee

Ride Of Passage from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

Bachelor film project 2012 from The Animation Workshop.!/pages/The-Animation-Workshop-Official-Page/1045254…

Toki's tribe expects him to bring home the head of the biggest animal possible. In return, he will receive honor and respect. However, this rite of passage does not turn out as planned. With the help of a colorful new friend, he achieves something much bigger.

By: Christian Bøving-Andersen, Casper Michelsen, Eva Lee Wallberg, Tina Lykke Thorn, Søren B. Nørbæk, Allan Lønskov, Jakob Kousholt, David F. Otzen

{evO.lve} from Camille Marotte on Vimeo.

Bose : {evO.lve}

:: Editing/Grading : After Effects
:: Camera : Canon HF100
:: Music : Matthieu Ouaki
:: his fanpage :

Festival Place from Smoke & Mirrors on Vimeo.

New York Underground from David Amichai on Vimeo.

Shot with a Canon 60D entirely in Manhattans subway.

THe song is "Raconte-Moi Une Histoire" by M83

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