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External Film Inspiration No. 84

“External Film Inspiration“ is a serial of short films, trailers, motion graphics and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. We would like to inspire you give ideas and suggestions. This time with films by Memo Akten, Ryan Shelley, Polynoid, QUAD and Oscarloro79.

If you are interested in showing your films, please send us a link to the film and maybe it will be a part of the next “film inspiration”.

Forms (excerpt) from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

Forms is an ongoing collaboration between visuals artists Memo Akten and Quayola, a series of studies on human motion, and its reverberations through space and time. It is inspired by the works of Eadweard Muybridge, Harold Edgerton, Étienne-Jules Marey as well as similarly inspired modernist cubist works such as Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase No.2″. Rather than focusing on observable trajectories, it explores techniques of extrapolation to sculpt abstract forms, visualizing unseen relationships – power, balance, grace and conflict – between the body and its surroundings.

The project investigates athletes; pushing their bodies to their extreme capabilities, their movements shaped by an evolutionary process targeting a winning performance. Traditionally a form of entertainment in todays society with an overpowering competitive edge, the disciplines are deconstructed and interrogated from an exclusively mechanical and aesthetic point of view; concentrating on the invisible forces generated by and influencing the movement.

The source for the study is footage from the Commonwealth Games. The process of transformation from live footage to abstract forms is exposed as part of the interactive multi-screen artwork, to provide insight into the evolution of the specially crafted world in which the athletes were placed.

The video installation is currently being exhibited at the National Media Museums ’In The Blink of an Eye’ Exhibition, 9th March – 2nd September, 2012, alongside classic images by photographers as diverse Harold Edgerton, Eadweard Muybridge, Roger Fenton, Richard Billingham and Oscar Rejlander as well as historic items of equipment, films and interactive displays.

Quayola and Memo Akten – Artists
Nexus Interactive Arts – Production Company
Beccy McCray – Producer
Jo Bierton – Production Manager
Matthias Kispert – Sound design
Maxime Causeret – Houdini Developer
Raffael F J Ziegler (AKA Moco) – 3D Animator
Katie Parnell – 3D Tracker
Eoin Coughlan – 3D Tracker
Mark Davies – 3D Tracking Supervisor

Commissioned by the National Media Museum for the ‘In The Blink of an Eye‘ Exhibition 2012; with the support of imove, part of the Cultural Olympiad programme.

With thanks to BBC Motion Gallery and Commonwealth Games Federation

Mottis from Ryan Shelley on Vimeo.

I got to work with my friends at Three Post and Mottis (formally Kelly MarCom) to shoot this video.

Rebird from Polynoid on Vimeo.

Year: 2011
Length: 33"

A really short film by: Polynoid
Sound: David Kamp
Artists: Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay, Fabian Pross, Tom Weber, Nobu Suzuki

part of the 'Resonance' collaboration project.
rendered with Arnold/SolidAngle. Big thanks to Marcos Fajardo for the support.

for more information visit
watch the full resonance film here:

L’Odyssée de Cartier from QUAD on Vimeo.

A l'occasion des 165 ans de la marque Cartier, la maison célèbre son histoire à travers un film de 3min30. Il met en scène l’emblème de la marque, la panthère, qui reste l’égérie intemporelle de Cartier.

« L’Odyssée de Cartier » est une fresque cinématographique époustouflante réalisée par Bruno Aveillan avec la production Quad. Cette Odyssée fait évoluer le film à travers les grands lieux marquant de l’histoire Cartier, de Paris à Saint-Pétersbourg en passant par l’Inde des Maharajas et la Grande Muraille de Chine.

Cette œuvre artistique où images réelles et traitement en post-production se mêlent parfaitement, donne un résultat incroyable et plein d’émotion entre rêve et réalité.

Client / Annonceur : CARTIER
Agence : Marcel (Publicis) / Wam
Réalisateur : Bruno Aveillan
DOP : Patrick Duroux
Production : QUAD
Post-production : Digital District
Post producteurs : Mathieu Lauxerois, Nataly Aveillan
Etalonneur : Jean-Clément Soret
Monteuses : Coralie Rubio, Fred Olszak
Monteurs adjoints : Anthony Ornecq, Rémi Nonne
Producteur : Martin Coulais
Directeur production : Claudia Traeger
Bande musicale : Pierre Adenot
Extra info :
Design Dragon : Stephane Levallois
Recherches graphiques séquences Russie et Chine : François Peyranne

Resiliente from Oscarloro79 on Vimeo.

"La resiliencia es un proceso dinámico que tiene por resultado la adaptación positiva en contextos de gran adversidad." Luthar (2000)

Id para la

Dirección y Animación: Oscar López Rocha
Producción: Carlos Matiella
Diseño Sonoro: Joaquín Martínez
Agradecimientos: Banda organika (especialmente Aaron Profesorsky por sus clases de iluminación y sabiduría)

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