Toni Polkowski 6. März 2012 Design, Photography

“Twisted Essence” Exhibition By The Hysterical Minds Collective

The international artistic collective “Hysterical Minds” is a group of artists, illustrators, photographers, musicians and video makers that were born more than two years ago, which main goal is to get together the talent of new promises of the spanish speaking artistic outlook (with artist from all over the world) with acclaimed ones.

Hysterical Minds is proud to introduce the ninth exhibition of the collective, named “Twisted Essence”, with more than 60 artworks by artists from all over the world.

For this release, they wanted to devise the pack using new working methods, so they proposed a dual theme to handicap it and to stimulate the creativity of our artists. In one hand, essence makes reference to the human nature: chaotic, confusing, volatile and full of blendings, from gloom to brightness, from pale to full color… creating a conglomeration of meanings that travel from the grotesque and the cruel to the ironic, going through fantasy or psychedelia.

On the other hand, twisted gives that altered, spontaneous, and at times, even macabre connotation that they have focused not only as a conceptual matter, but above all, as a compositive one: You won’t see any centred pieces on the canvas. They have been working using alternative composition rules, such as the rule of thirds or the golden ratio, to get out the confort zone, and to offer a dynamic, narrative, polished and above all, full of shades visual experience, which accompanied with its eclectic and evocative soundtrack, will guide you through the created worlds of these hysterical imaginations.

We invite you to visit Twisted Essence here:

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