Toni Polkowski 4. April 2012 Design

External Design Inspiration – Futuristic Vector Art By SubjektZero

Fuad Aditya Permadi (19) is a freelance illustrator and visual artist from Surakarta, Indonesia. He started his journey at the middle of 2010, besides as a Visual Communication Design Student. SubjektZero is specialized in sci-fi vector arts and fully-composed surreal drawings. Nowadays he’s also learning about typography works and advertisements.

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  1. Kerby Rosanes 14. Juni 2012 at 07:09

    Loving all the illustrations. The futuristic theme is perfectly portrayed.

  2. logo design florida 10. April 2012 at 18:38

    Fantastic work!! I love the style! Keep the art coming!! I love vectored art, I have some projects that I need to Finnish up!! Thanks for putting the art up! :)