Toni Polkowski 16. April 2012 Film

External Film Inspiration No. 87

“External Film Inspiration“ is a serial of short films, trailers, motion graphics and music clips by different artists from across the world introduced here at Cromoart. We would like to inspire you give ideas and suggestions. This time with films by Salomon, Lukas Vojir, dmas3, SHUETI and Variable.

If you are interested in showing your films, please send us a link to the film and maybe it will be a part of the next “film inspiration”.

Prologue: ‘The Prophecy’ – Director’s Cut from Salomon on Vimeo.


Great color grading resource Color Grading Central, visit here:

For film grain check out:

This sequence was to be used as an Intro in tandem with a live action narrative piece for Willow Creek's Christmas Service.
This is my preferred cut of the sequence.

Produced by Bjorn Amundsen And Blaine Hogan
Score by Tony Anderson

Shot on the Canon 7D

For more work check out or

No Money Down Low Monthly Payments from Lukas Vojir on Vimeo.

No Money Down Low Monthly Payments

Music: Nero's Day at Disneyland (
Art/Direction/3D/Motion: Lukas Vojir [] []

Making of:

Kero – 10:48 Done (Venetian Snares remix) DETUND™ – (prev). from dmas3 on Vimeo.

Kero –
Detroit Underground –
Ventian Snares –
Animation by: Valentin Rodriguez – Dmas3 –

ΔGHORI from SHUETI on Vimeo.


AMON TOBIN – Lost and Found
Written by Amon Tobin
Published by Just Isn't Music
(P) Ninja Tune 2011
Licensed courtesy of Ninja Tune

Holi from Variable on Vimeo.


Production Company: Variable –
Creative: Variable
Post Production/Editorial: The Mill –

Directors/Cinematographers: Jonathan Bregel & Khalid Mohtaseb @ Variable
Executive Producers: John Rule & Mike Sutton (@MNS1974)
Producer: Tyler Ginter @ Variable
Line Producer: Viraj Velinker
Phantom Tech: Nick Midwig

The Mill: New York City
Post Production Producers: Dee Allen & Alex Maxwell
Editor: Ryan McKenna
Colourist: Sal Malfitano

Original Score/Sound Design: Salomon Ligthelm –

Special thanks to the risk takers who helped make this job possible:
Rule Boston Camera – for trusting us with their Phantom Flex –
Angenieux – for trusting us with their prototype glass –

Why we made this film:

The world is fascinating. People and cultures inspire us. Sadly, the fast paced lifestyles of our generation result in many not taking the necessary step back to soak in the existing world around us. Our goal with this film is to help viewers further appreciate and take notice of the beauty in life & culture that lies within our world…

…so the next time you notice something that strikes you as interesting, stop for a second, start powering on your camera, think about why it's unique, and snap the shot before you miss it. Life is extraordinary. Embrace it.

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