Toni Polkowski 9. Mai 2012 Photography

External Photo Inspiration – Unique Photomanipulations By Yves Lecoq

Yves Lecoq is a professional photographer form France. I’m very proud to present you some of his works, which he creates with elements of different pictures. His ideas are incredible and the realisations are excellent. I like the antique style and the comic stories which gives this works an unique charm. Also his newest works of portraits are more than worth to take a look.

More Information:

Sans titre
Dirty Dancing
Mister Henri D. goes jogging
Oh God, you are going to damage my picture !
The Cloud Maker
Flying without Photoshop
Happy New Year !
Angelus without female but with a cap
Learning to fly with music
Learning to fly 11
It's time to learn !
Twins Sisters have a run on balloons

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