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External Photo Inspiration – Wonderful Pictures By Anastasia Drozhzhina

Anastasia Drozhzhina comes from Moscow, Russia and 4 years ago photography came into her life, in a very difficult time of her life. It helped her to smile, to stand all the problems and to cope with them, it helped her to distract from her bad mood and gave her hope that good time are to come. She tries to show the world around in a bit idealistic way and to show the beauty of simple things, which many of us don’t even notice. She likes to make people happy with her photos, to make them smile and even cry for happiness. That’s why in some of her photos you will see people drowning in sunlight, sometimes – in flowers, you will see them smiling, you will see girls that look into the sky with a lot of hope and belief in the next day, that the best is yet to come. But not only people are shown in her photographs, she loves to take pictures of cute little animals and birds, of flowers in the sunlight and the sky that spreads over our heads.

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  1. s.bruett 7. Juli 2012 at 09:56

    great shots