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Photo Inspiration – Captivating Images by Kai Ziehl

It is always a pleasure for me to introduce the work of photographers here at Cromoart, but in this case it is something special. Of course, it is always the mood strongly combined to the whole impression of an image and the issue of the photography for itself what makes you loving it or not.

Kai Ziehl lives in Hamburg (Germany) and he has a gift for photography. The issues of his work carry a subtle atrabiliousness and melancholy. The chosen scenery and the way Kai Ziehl is capturing them shows the complexity of black and white layered photography in a splendid way.

I was curious, of course and asked him for his inspiration: “That is a tough question…”, Kai answered and told me about what he is searching for. “Locations have to offer a prosaic, demure and straight-lined structure. They have to be spacious and preferably only one moving person is visible.”

More information: and Kai Ziehl @ facebook

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  1. AlexG 9. Januar 2013 at 18:04

    Nice textures!